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EcoCulture, Green Oasis’ latest product, produces stronger and healthier

indoor plants while at the same time being extremely eco-friendly and helping

to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact. It enables you to

enhance your workplace with indoor plants while also playing a very valuable

part in preserving the environment in which we live.

EcoCulture is clean, hygenic, and eliminates the risk of soil borne diseases.

These attributes make it perfect for those wanting plants for offices and

showrooms and also for other areas where traditional interior landscaping

methods are not suitable, such as hospitals, clinics, research centers and food

preparation areas.

By replacing traditional peat based growing mediums with a sustainable and

recyleable growing medium, Green Oasis is helping to preserve valuable

peatlands which provide natural carbon storage and are a haven and habitat

for many different species of wildlife.

EcoCulture, exclusively distributed in the US by Green Oasis

Plantscapes, reflects current environmental awareness and supports ISO

14001 environmental accreditation.


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