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As a leading interior landscaping firm, hundreds of forward thinking

companies rely on Green Oasis for indoor plants in offices, hotels, restaurants,

showrooms and commercial buildings. Use our experience, commitment to

service, and extensive range of plants and planters to your advantage.

Green Oasis’ success has come from both our horticulture specialists who

train and collaborate together for continuous improvement and a

companywide commitment to excellence in service. This excellence is arrived

at by simple things like answering the telephones in person to the more

detailed, like living the Green Oasis Creed.

Along with plants being green by nature, Green Oasis is proud to be Green

Plant/ Green Earth certified which is an independent audit of our business

practices and procedures insuring all of our operations are environmentally

responsible. We also offer the Eco Culture planting system – an eco-friendly

way to stronger healthier plants.

The Green Oasis plant maintenance program is a strict, quality controlled

process which includes watering, pruning, feeding, and cleaning of all plants

under our care. Importantly, it also covers the free replacement of any dying,

over grown or unsightly plants, ensuring that your indoor plants will always

look in peak condition.


San Antonio: (210) 653-8900   |  Austin: (512) 870-8192


email: sales@greenoasisplants.com


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