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Independent research has proven that plants for offices have a positive effect

on the morale, productivity and health of both the employer and the

employees.Interior landscaping has also been scientifically proven to improve

workers’ creativity and sense of well being, which in turn enhances the

performance and profitability of the company in which they work. Indoor

plants achieve this by absorbing harmful toxins from the air and releasing

oxygen in their place. For instance, in a recent independent survey 97% of

employees felt healthier and more motivated when working in areas that had

indoor plants.

Interior landscaping helps in other ways too. Indoor plants also raise humidity

and assist in reducing ambient noise levels. Combined with other benefits such

as the reduction of headaches, stress, dry skin, and fatigue, indoor plants help

give staff an increased perception of working in a pleasant environment.

Another study showed that absence from work could be reduced by 10%

through the installation of interior plants displays.

“97% of employees felt healthier and better motivated when working in areas with plants”

– Dr Lohr, University of Washington

Indoor plants provide a healthier working environment, a better working atmosphere, and help

strengthen your company’s image.

Plants for offices can help lead to a reduction in absenteeism and staff sickness


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The Benefits of Plants in the Workplace